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Please plan your appointment ahead 2-4 weeks
I look forward to working with you!
30-minute prepaid consultation 45 (in-person, or via skype or phone.)
Required for all first time henna clients.
professional cut  120
professional cut/w color service -cut only 90
professional cut - fixed income  please inquire
children's cut (children of current clients only please) 20 to 40

earth-based henna and ayurvedic herbal tint applications

Important: If you have had a recent reaction to chemical dyes and are transitioning to henna or you are sensitive and want to make sure henna is fine for you, you will want to do a patch test prior to using henna or herbal mixtures. Please let me know so we can set this up for you.

henna one-step
home-rinse: roots  70
home-rinse: short-long 90-110
in-house: roots 120
in-house: short-long 130-150 

henna two-step

home-rinse: roots 120

home-rinse: short-long 130-150

in-house 1 rinse: roots 140

in-house 1 rinse: short-long 160-180 

in-house 2 rinse: roots 160

in-house 2 rinse: short-long 180-200 


organic ayurvedic herbal blends - semi-permanent henna-based tints (ingredients)

home-rinse: roots 70

home-rinse: short-long 90-110  

in-house: short-long 130-150


hair revitalizing

conditioning deep treatment 33

de-mineralization treatment 44 • 
ayurvedic herbal strengthening treatment 44
workshops for groups or individuals
individuals - henna at home

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